I popped over to my little friend, Ábel recently, who is actually a real gentleman. We exchanged our views on global issues, and as the natural light was fabulous, we made a spontaneous mini portrait session on film. But while composing the result I realised a storyboard behind the frames somehow. We ain’t visual storytellers without a reason, right? 🙂

His mother, Zsófi (I will make a post dedicated to her soon) is not only a beautiful woman, but a very good friend. She is a master of organizing delicious feasts, and the feasts turn into spontaneuous shootings sometimes. This happened exactly that time, when I popped over for a coffee. Soon I found myself at the table, and then the lunch turned into a chocolate orgy. Zsófi is about to start her chocolate manufacure business, and, well, I love to be a tester.

All of a sudden my Mamiya loaded with an Ilford HP5 turned up. Though that rainy november day was not favorable to an indoor-shooting, it was just exactly what we needed to a manful film noir with a piece of forbidden fruit, dramatic shadows and a soulmate gentleman.

Supporting 🙂 : Réka Muray-Klementisz

Mamiya 645 Pro, Ilford HP5, Kodak T-Max | Dev/Scan: Carmencita’s awesome Laura

Budapest, Hungary

© Gabor Muray Photography


Behind every great man there’s a great woman. Actually two:

Zsófi & Dalma / Mamiya 645 pro / kodak tmax 100

Dalma & Zsófia.