These days, end of February we look forward to the warmth of spring and summer with unbearable impatience. Just to kill time I rummaged up this warm and happy session with my beloved ones. One of the most unknown but coolest spots of Hungary is the northernmost point of the Szentendre Island, an island in the Danube River between the freakin beautiful Danube Bend and Budapest, surrounded by hills and mountains. The view is dominated by the medieval Visegrád castle. The mood of the riverside forest reminds me a bit of mediterranean olive groves, maybe because of the sallows, who knows.

As occasion offers we drive there within an hour for a lazy afternoon, or maybe for a few days. So it was the case on the birthday of my best friend, muse, assistent and last but not least, wife, that we celebrated together with her sister’s birthday in a nice resthouse on the island, Rácz Fogadó. The idea of a session was absolutely spontaneous. We simply got in the mood for that while walking. The whole series was made with the tiny, classic Nikon FM3a loaded with Fuji 400h and Tri-X slowed down to the calming vibes there.

nikon fm3a | fuji 400h & kodak tri-x | the awesome carmencita film lab