The Smell of Letterpress.

The Smell of Letterpress.

Nóra and Dani, a nice couple behind the brand, INK Letterpress are two of those people we recently got to know and fell in love with their incredible job, the beauty of letterpress, the way it reflects the values of slow. Scroll down for English version!

Legkésőbb a slow mozgalom elterjedése óta tudott, hogy lassan élni legkevésbé sebesség dolga. Tudatállapot. Életforma. Még akkor is így van ez, ha a felpörgetettségben elfelejtjük, igenis van választásunk, kiszállhatunk a mókuskerékből, ha így döntünk. Munka közben, úton-útfélen egyre gyakrabban találkozunk olyanokkal, akik osztják ezt a meggyőződést, igyekeznek a számukra valóban fontos dolgokra összpontosítani, és élvezni azt, amit éppen csinálnak.

Nóra és Dani, a kézi magasnyomással foglalkozó INK Letterpress műhelyt alapító pár, a velük való találkozás volt az utóbbi időben az egyik legszebb megerősítő slow-élményünk. Beleszerettünk a munkájukba, a magasnyomásba, abba, ahogyan az ő napi gyakorlatukban a lassúság filozófiája testet ölt. Szenvedéllyel állnak a legapróbb részletekhez, éltetik és szeretik a papíralapú kultúrát ebben a digitális korban.

Pesti műhelyükben ugrottunk be hozzájuk, hogy készítsenek nekünk egy posztert. Valami egészen másmilyet. Munka közben meséltek anyagok találkozásáról, arról a kihívásról, ahogy a magasnyomás folyamatában egy darab papírból egyszeri és megismételhetetlen alkotás születik.

Mindez legkevésbé a technológián múlik. Minden egyes darab papírt legalább ötször vesznek kézbe, mielőtt a print elkészül. A titok valahol ebben a lassú törődésben rejlik: szavakkal le nem írható, csak érezhető, amikor az ember a végeredményt megtapintja, megszagolgatja. Sosem születik két egyforma darab papír.

Anyagok találkoznak és keverednek. Ennyire egyszerű, azt mondják.
És igen. Ettől ennyire másmilyen.

Nóra and Dani, the nice couple behind the brand

At least since the spreading of the slow movement and the basic recognition behind it more and more of us know that slow is not a speed. It’s a mindset most of us somehow lost. As a result of our busy lifestyles, we often forget that we actually have a choice of how to live. On our way we more and more often run into people who share that deep realization and try to focus on what’s really important in life and enjoy everything they do.

Nóra and Dani, a nice couple behind the brand, INK Letterpress are two of the people we recently got to know and fell in love with their increadible job, the beauty of letterpress, the way it reflects the values of slow. We are happy to see through their works that the passion for the craft, meticulous attention to detail and the appreciation of print thrives & remains alive.

We visited them at their base in Budapest and asked them to print a poster for us. Something completely different. While printing they told us about their passion, how they love watching the fusion of materials each day. The challenge to turn any piece of paper into a valueable object. They believe that it’s much more than just the technology. When working with these old machines, you touch every piece of paper at least five times, until you get a finished print. This is what makes it truly special.

This is what you can not explain, but certainly feel, when you touch a letterpress print.

Most of the cases they design their prints on computer, and as they explained it’s hard to compare what they can see on the screen, and what one can touch in the end on the paper. The fusion of the paper and the ink makes some magic. You never have the same results. Materials meet, and melt together.

It is that simple. And yes. It is definitely something completely different.

Text: Réka Muray-Klementisz

Letterpress: INK Letterpress, Budapest,
100% film. Dev/Scan: Albert Roig, Carmencita Film Lab

© Gabor Muray Photography

…and now for something completely different:

Berlin: the metropolis of tiny details.

Berlin: the metropolis of tiny details.

Berlin is the silhouette of the emblematic TV tower, the amazing park life, streets packed with bars and cosy cafes, premium roasters, a metropolis with thriving electornic party scene, where retro and luxury, abandoned and modern perfectly coexist. An inspiring, vibrant, liberated city with thousand faces. Everyone, who has been to the German capital once has his/her own Berlin. But one thing is for sure: Berlin is the least german island in the heart of Germany.

My love to Berlin has already a history, as we spent last spring in Berlin-Kreuzberg. We discovered the district and the city day by day, and every day had some surprises in store. After only a month we felt like home, we found our favorite places, and enjoyed the spaciousness, the amazingly inspiring air of this very green metropolis. And then, coincidently my beautiful journey with film photography has restarted exactly on a sunny spring day in Berlin. I didn’t know, that one year later this journey will lead me back here…

FIND Berlin in February – with Film Is Not Dead pope Jonathan Canlas – was again a freakin cool experience. Not only because of the incredible amount of knowledge, but also the wonderful people. Jon & the Carmencita Film Lab team are in the forefront of creating a family out of European film photographers who can count on eachother, who are eager to meet again and have a belief in common for sure: that they can make the world more wholehearted, natural and beautiful. We made some couple sessions with voluntary model couples in this spirit. And yesss, love was in the air all around despite the cold weather.

Then later we visited again our favorite places, now putting aside the constraint of the need to see everything. And so it was perfect. Berlin becomes only feel at home, if you find yor own island in the huge multikulti crucible.

Fellow film photographers Hanke Arkenbout & Ben Walker

The center of our personal island is definitely Paul-Lincke-Ufer (named after Paul Lincke the composer of operattas and songs such as Glow worm and of the anthem of the city Berliner Luft), the street running along the Landwehr Canal in the vibrant Kreuzberg quarter of the city. Those lovely places and tiny details everywhere around: GipfeltreffenFive ElephantFräulein Wild… Our everyday activity in Berlin was actually: testing cozy cafes. You just can’t get enough. This time we found a beautiful new corner even on the notorious Oranienstrasse, the Voo store with lots of must have books and first class coffee.

Every time I think of Berlin I see ourselves sunbathing on the riverbank, feeling relaxed, full of plans and thoughts, ready to make dreams come true.

Du bist so wunderbar, Berlin…

Text: Réka Muray-Klementisz & Gábor Muray

Organizing & Workshop: Jonathan Canlas & Albert Roig | Film Is Not Dead, Carmencita Film Lab
Dev/Scan: Carmencita Film Lab
© Gabor Muray Photography, 100% film

Vintage & Valentine's

Vintage & Valentine’s

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Az idén stílszerűen ünnepeltük a Valentin-napot egy vintage esküvői pikniken a mimi / events with love szervezésében. A Valentin-nap és az esküvői kellékek egymásra halmozva külsőségekbe vesző giccsparádét feltételeznének, ez a piknik viszont meggyőzött arról, amiben régóta hiszek. Arról, hogy egy esküvő mindenekelőtt egy pár egyszeri és intim ünnepe azokkal, akik számukra a legfontosabbak. Arról, hogy egy esküvő annak minden kellékével önmagában is sűrű, megismételhetetlen történet, a díszletek is mesélnek, és ahhoz, hogy a történet kikerekedjen, a kifinomultság, a szépség, a humánum és a természetesség iránt elkötelezett szolgáltatók összefogása szükséges. Öröm volt látni, hogy nem csak léteznek ilyen szolgáltatók már itthon is, de a kalligráfustól a letterpress nyomdászokon át a stíluskonyhás lányokig mindenki szenvedélyesen ugyanebben hisz, ezért dolgozik. Ilyen közegben a hideg téli nap ellenére is igazi jutalomjáték volt spontán jegyesfotózást rendezni a Paloma udvarán egy kedves pár kérésére, akik friss jegyesként jöttek a piknikre ötletekért, inspirációért.

This year we celebrated Valentine’s Day quite appropriately at a “vintage wedding picnic” organized by mimi /events with love in Paloma, Budapest. Well, Valentine’s Day and on the top of that wedding accessories … all this might persume some corny event focused on trendy externals, but the picnic convinced me of what I truly believe in. That a wedding is, above all, an intimate celebration of a couple in love with those who are the most important to them. That a wedding with all its properties is an unrepeatable story to tell, all the details pitch a tale. And in order to round the story nicely it’s necessary to have a collaboration of wedding vendors and services, who all are committed to sophisticated beauty, humanity and naturalness. It was a pleasure to see that those vendors not only exist already in Hungary, but the calligrapher, the letterpress printer, the foodstylist and the others passionatley believe in and work for the same. Despite the cold wintery weather it was a premium experience to make a spontaneous engagement shooting with a newly engaged couple on their request in such az inspiring milieu.


Venue: Mimi / Events with Love | Calligraphy: The Fanatic Calligrapher | Gastro: Szuflé (Tooo much) | Bow Ties: Badger and Fox | Table design: Szuflé & Vintage Bazaar & ApaCuka ceramicsVintage dresses: Cydonia Vintage | Headpieces: Virágzó Magnólia | Stamps: Artistamp

Models: our just engaged Imola & András

Text: Réka Muray-Klementisz
Lab: the one & only Carmencita Film Lab

Paloma Budapest, Hungary

© Gabor Muray Photography